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Brass Care offers specialist brass instrument repairs along with servicing and silver and gold plating for all brass band instruments in East Anglia. We also provide insurance assessement reports, band-room visits and emergency same-day service. Please call Martin on 01406 330209 or 07557 053818 for details about our inexpensive servicing, repairs and plating.

  • Servicing from £46.00
  • Slide and Body Dent Repairs
  • Mouthpiece Plating from £22.00
  • Silver and Gold Plating
  • Trombone Slide Alignment
  • Amado Water Keys
  • Brass Instrument Repairs
  • Seized Valves/Slides
  • Piston & Rotary Valve Services
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  • Send in/Post Back Service

brass instrument repairs by Brass Care
instrument repairs and servicing
instrument servicing by Brass care

Instrument Servicing

Full strip-down service from just £46 - Ask for details

repair sticking valves

Valve Servicing

Cure sticking and seized piston or rotary valves

brass instrument dent repairs

Dent & Twist Repairs

Had an accident - Talk to us about dent removal

stuck and seized slides repaired

Stuck/Seized Slides?

Leave it to us - We'll release them without damage

Open 7 days a week for brass instrument repairs
card payments accepted in person or by secured payment link

Affordable Brass Instrument Repairs & Servicing 7 Days A Week

Brass Care offer a wide range of brass instrument repairs, servicing, silver and gold plating 7 days a week from their bespoke workshop near Spalding in Lincolnshire. It's headed up by Martin Oliver who is a keen brass player and has been since the age of 12. We provide brass instrument repairs and servicing in East Anglia for clients in and around Spalding, Peterborough, Cambridge, Kings Lynn, Boston and further afield.

Instrument Servicing


Damage Repairs


Silver/Gold Plating


How We Can Help You Maintain & Repair Your Brass Instrument

Dent/Twist Removal

We use specialist tools to remove even the worst dents

brass instrument dent removals

Valve Servicing

Re-lapping elimates issues such as slow, sticky or sized valves

Piston and rotary valve servicing

Slide/Bow Repairs

Bow dents are common and affect looks as well as tuning

Brass instrument repairs slide and bow fixing

Solder Repairs

We carry out simple and advanced solder repairs of joints, stays etc

Brass instrument solder repairs

General Servicing

Regular professional attention will keep your instrument in great condition

Brass Instrument servicing

Silver/Gold Plating

Touch up or component silver plating and gold plating

silver and gold plating

Stuck/Seized Slides

Damage can easily be caused trying to solve the issue the incorrect way

Brass instrument repairs stuck slides

Rotary & Paddle Valves

Dismantling, cleaning, re-lapping and re-assembly

Brass instrument repairs rotary and paddle valve servicing

Here's Some Of Our Recent Repair Projects

trombone repairs
king trumpet restoration

King Trumpet Restoration Project

We restored this vintage King Trumpet which had seen better days - Now back to its former glory....

  • Yamaha 682B Trombone

    ...Full service and rotary valve lap/clean/re-fit

    brass instrument repairs yamaha trombone
  • New Paddle Valve Springs

    ...fitted to a vintage Helicon Tuba by Weltklang

    brass instrument repairs helicon tuba
  • Solbron Student Cornet

    Full service and water-key replacement

    brass instrument repairs cornet

We look forward to you getting in touch with us 7 days a week from 8.30am - 6pm

For any enquiry, Call Us: 01406 330209