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Brass Care can bring new life to your worn, broken or tired brass instrument. Often a complete instrument refurbishment can be a more cost-effective solution when considering the price of replacement. We can carry out brass instrument repairs and cleaning along with a new coat of silver or 24ct gold plating which will restore your beloved horn back to how it used to look and play.

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Here's Some Of Our Recent Refurbishment Projects

Yamaha Neo BBb Bass Clean and Overhaul

yamaha neo bass repairs

Neo Double Bb Bass

In the harness...a big beast

  • Yamaha Neo BBb Bass

    ...It's in the detail....

    yamaha bass overhaul
  • Yamaha Neo BBb Bass

    Components chem-cleaned and re-fiished

    Yamaha Neo Overhaul
  • Came to us heavily tarnished...

    ...All bright and ready to play

    Double B Flast Bass repairs

Bach Stradivarius 181L Cornet Restoration

bach stradivarius cornet restoration

181L Bach Strad (25G) Bell Restoration

Mechanically fabulous...cosmetically untidy Bach Strad Long Bell

  • Bach Stradivarius Cornet

    ...Valve block before lacquer removal and plating

    cornet repairs - valve block restoration
  • Stradivarius 181L Cornet

    ...Instrument stripped, cleaned and silver plated

    bach cornet repairs silver plating
  • Bach Strad 181L Cornet

    ...Components stripped, cleaned and ready to plate

    brass instrument repairs silver plating

Besson Sovereign Cornet Restoration

besson round stamp sovereign cornet restoration

Besson Cornet Refurbishment

Early 80's model with untidy lacquer, and in need of TLC...

  • Besson Sovereign Round Stamp

    ...Poor lacquer condition throughout - needed stripping

    cornet restoration poor lacquer finish
  • Besson Sovereign Round Stamp

    ...Stripped, cleaned and ready to plate

    instrument refurbishment - ready to add silver plating
  • Besson Round Stamp Cornet

    ...Finished and ready to play

    brass instrument repairs gold plating

Yamaha YCR 231 Cornet Customisation

yamaha ycr231 cornet restoration

Yamaha YCR 231 Cornet Restoration

This old cornet had worn lacquer and dents/slide damage. Sticky valves and slides....

  • Yamaha YCR 231 Cornet

    ...Valve block before lacquer removal and cleaning

    cornet repairs - valve block restoration
  • Yamaha YCR 231 Cornet

    ...Valve block stripped, cleaned and silver plated

    cornet repairs silver plating
  • Yamaha YCR 231 Cornet

    ...Slides 18ct Gold Plated - Slide legs re-finished

    brass instrument repairs gold plating

Yamaha YCR 233S Cornet Customisation

yamaha ycr233 customisation

Making an older cornet look new again

Slightly unloved but after a clean, service and re-plate this Yamaha looks great again....

  • Yamaha YCR 233S Cornet

    ...24ct Gold Plating of slides, caps and mouthpiece

    instrument gold plating
  • Yamaha YCR 233S Cornet

    ...Amado Water-Key Conversion - No more springs and corks...

    amado water key conversion
  • Yamaha YCR 233S Cornet

    ...Gold Plated detailing provides stunning contrast...

    24ct gold plate detailing

General Restoration Works

buesher custom built aristocrat refurbishment

Buesher Custom-Built Aristocrat Refurb

Stored away for years - nothing worked...Fully playable again and sounding fab!

  • Mouthpiece Plating

    ...11C Mouthpiece repaired and finished in 24ct Gold Plate

    mouthpiece plating
  • Valve Service and Plating

    ...Valves cleaned/serviced and caps/buttons re-plated

    valve servicing
  • Schilke Mouthpiece Refurbishment

    ...Repaired, 4-stage prep and new coat of silver plate

    schilke mouthpiece silver plating

Hanson Trumpet Restoration and Repairs

hanson trumpet restoration

Repairing Damaged Hanson Trumpet

This came in with damage to the bell and main tuning slide assembly. 2nd Valve was seized and it all required huge amounts of TLC....

  • Hanson Trumpet Repairs

    ...Badly damaged main tuning slide

    brass instrument repairs yamaha trombone
  • Hanson Trumpet Repairs

    ...Seized 2nd Valve - Released and lapped all three

    brass instrument repairs helicon tuba
  • Hanson Trumpet Restored

    ...Damage repaired. Instrument serviced, cleaned and tested.

    brass instrument repairs cornet

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